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PhonePac: A simple & functional plastic pac designed to protect your phone from damage when cycling. Fully digitally printed in a range of striking designs to add a bit of style to your ride. They will also please the cafe stop owner fed up of a till full of soggy bank notes!


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PhonePac 2 has arrived!  Following customer requests for a PhonePac that allows the phone camera to be used with removal from the case we have developed PhonePac2.  The design has an added clear panel on the back so that most phone cameras can be used in the case.  The high frequency welded super soft cold-crack resistant plastic will keep your phone, bank card & cash safe and dry whilst cycling.


Key design Features

  • Semi-rigid form factor fits a jersey or jacket rear pocket.
  • Keeps valuable together without floating around the pocket
  • Protects contents against water and corrosive sweat damage
  • Helps to prevent pocket sag!
  • PhonePac will hold a phone together with bank notes, a credit card, passport etc
  • No more soggy bank notes at the café stop!
  • Fits all makes of Smartphone up to 5.5” screens including I-Phone (4, 5 & 6), Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Nokia etc
  • I-Phone 6 Plus will fit (With case removed).
  • SuperClear front panel allows in situ touch screen operation.
  • SuperClear rear 1/3 panel allows phone camera use without removal
  • Phone calls are possible without removal from the case.  This also helps to prevent wind interference often experienced when making outdoor calls in exposed conditions.
  • Soft PVC materials ensure quality & durability.
  • Cold-Crack resistant to -30 degrees Celcius
  • Vivid full colour screen printing in a range of striking designs
  • Dimensions: 180mm x 113mm
  • Manufactured in the UK.

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